Theme Settings

Theme Settings is where you are able to change the look and feel of the Blocktrix In-Game environment. After pressing the Misc. Settings button at the bottom of the screen, simply left click on the words Theme Settings on the left side of the program, as seen here:

After doing so, you should see options that look like the following:

The first option allows you to choose a theme file (either a blocktrix theme file with .bnp extension, or a tnet theme file with .tnp extension) that you wish to use, that will affect the sound/music and graphics for the playing fields and pieces when playing a game. To change and browse to a different theme file, simply click on the button with the three periods (...) next to the edit entry.

The next option is with regard to
Music to be played during the course of a game. You can override the music specified from the theme file set in the previous setting here. Simply click on the three periods (...) next to the edit entry to browse for your music file of choice (mp3/midi/mod/xt/lt/s3m/ogg).

To enable or disable sound effects specified from the theme file, simply check/uncheck the
Sound Effects Activated checkbox accordingly.

Similarly, to disable music from being played during the game, simply check/uncheck the
Music Activated checkbox accordingly.

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