Language Settings

Language Settings is where you can change the text of the interface to your own language. After clicking on the Misc. Settings button at the bottom of the program, left click on the text Language Settings, as seen below:

Once you have done that, you should see the following options:

To switch to a different language, simply left click on the button with the 3 dots (...) , and browse to the .lng file that represents your language.

If you are using a multibyte language (such as Japanese,Chinese,Arabic,etc...) then it is recommended that you also check the
Unicode Support option. If you are not using a multibyte language (English, French, etc...), it is recommended that you do not check the Unicode Support option.

Language (.lng) files can be edited using any text editor, such as notepad. If you do not find a language file for your language, feel free to create one, using english.lng as a template, and submit it to
strikelight @ no-spam-remove-this

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