The Partyline is where chat occurs on a server, usually between games. All players and spectators on a server (and in the same channel as you, for multi-channel servers) can see one another's chat here (except for private messages). To switch to the partyline, click on the "Partyline" button at the bottom of the program, as seen here:

After clicking on that button, you should see the following screen:

Near the top of the screen, you will see Team You Are Playing On, beside it to the right an edit box, where you may specify the team you wish to be playing for. Leave or make this blank if you do not wish to play on a team. After you have changed the entry, click on the Update Team button. Note that you can not change your team while a game is still in progress, unless you joined the game already in progress.

Below the "Update Team" button is the list of players (and spectators when in spectator mode) that are currently on the Server (and in the same channel, for multi-channel servers) as you. The first person in the list is the
moderator and has the power to start and stop games. Some servers may also grant this power to the person in the second position. The user who has an asterisk beside their name in the player list is the moderator.

Below the player list is a series of buttons. The
Kick and Ban buttons will only be enabled for you if it is your server that you are playing on. If it is your server, you can select a player in the player list by left clicking on their name, and then choose to ban/kick them if you so desire. Also worth noting, if it is your server, when you left click on a name, it will show the IP that they are connected with just below the player list, and just above the kick button.

Beneath the "Kick" and "Ban" buttons is the
Play Recording button. This button is only enabled when you are not connected to a server, and when you are not currently serving. This allows you to play back previously recorded sessions. The Start Recording button is what you would click on after you have connected or started a server of your own, and wish to record the session (including the games played), to be used with the "Play Recording" feature.

Beneath that is the
Pause button, which allows the moderator (the person in the first position) to pause and unpause a game that is currently being played.

Next is the
Start Game button which allows the moderator to Start and Stop games.

Underneath that is a checkbox labelled
Bot Mode. This is enabled only in Blocktrix mode (and enhanced TNet mode, enabled by the server). This option allows you to let the Bot algorithm place your pieces for you. This is handy in case you need to leave the computer for a bit, and others would like something to play against. Note if the server has set the Max Bot PPM to 0, then this feature is essentially disabled.

On the left side is the main chat area where all the Partyline messages are displayed. To send a message, just enter text into the space above the bottom buttons, and press enter. There is only one built-in command you can use here:

/me <text> = Sends an action to the Partyline (eg. /me jumps up and down = * User jumps up and down)

When connected in Blocktrix mode, there are also two other built-in commands you can use:

/msg <player name> <message> = Send a message to the player with the specified name
/m <slot number> <message> = Send a message to the player in the specified slot position

However, there are some additional commands that the server you are connected to may provide. If you are unsure, most servers that provide additional commands listen for the
/help text, and will display commands that the server will accept. Furthermore, there are commands added to Blocktrix by the loaded aliases.tcl script, and also various other scripts. It is recommended that you open up the scripts, specifically aliases.tcl, in a text editor, and view the commands that have been added.

By default, query.tcl is loaded at the startup of Blocktrix, so you may see several tabs labelled "
@ Partyline", "@ Channels", and "@ Users", if the server you have connected to supports the query protocol. Clicking on these tabs will show you the channels created on the server and users connected to the server at the time of your initial connection. You can refresh these tabs by typing /query in the partyline, or by right clicking on the partyline window, and selecting Server Commands->Re-Query Server.

When you right click on the partyline area, you will see a list of options. These are primarily added by addon scripts that have been loaded to give additional features for you to use more easily. Similarly, you can right click on the userlist area, and will see a menu of options as well added by addon scripts.

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