The lobby is one place to find servers that you can connect to and play games on. To connect to the lobby, open up the lobby panel by clicking on the button marked "Lobby" in the bottom right of your Blocktrix client, as seen here:

Then, in the bottom right corner of the new window, enter a nickname you wish to use (with only alpha-numeric characters), and proceed to hit the "connect" button:

The lobby is divided into 3 main sections.

1) The Servers
2) The Chat
3) The Users

1. The Servers

This section lists all the available servers to play games on. Simply left click on the server you wish to play on, and then press the "Join" button to the right.

Server column tells you what the server address is. This is used as the identifying attribute for one to distinguish between servers.

Players column shows how many users are currently connected to that server.

Mode column displays what protocol the server is using. This will be either TetriNET, TetriFast, or Blocktrix.

Ping column shows the amount of time in milliseconds it takes for information to be sent and received between your computer and the computer that the server is running on. The lower the ping, the faster the server is for you, however keep in mind that ping times change and are not constant.

Country column displays what country the server is being run from. This may not be 100% accurate, as it uses a technology known as "Geo-IP" to make an estimation of the location.

To the right of the server list, you will see four buttons.
The "
Start Server" button allows you to create your own Blocktrix server to be displayed in the lobby server list.
The "
Join" button lets you join the currently selected server.
The "
Spectate" button lets you join the currently selected server in spectate mode. However, a password may be required to join the server in this mode, if this mode is supported by the selected server.
The "
Check Servers" button refreshes the server list, updating the players and ping columns.

The column headers can be clicked to sort the server list by that column description.

2. The Chat

This is where users in the lobby can talk to each other. Anyone in the lobby can see the messages written here (except for private messages). To write text to the lobby room, simply enter text in the bottom edit space, followed by the enter key.

Some commands you can use in the edit space to perform different functions:

/away = Set yourself marked as being away from the computer
/back = Set yourself marked as not being away from the computer
/msg <user> <message> = Send a private message to the specified user
/nick <new nick> = Change your current nickname to the nickname specified
/quit = Disconnect from the lobby
/me <text> = Perform an action (eg. /me pinches everyone would show up in the chat as * User pinches everyone)

3. The Users

Listed here are the users currently connected to the lobby. Users in red are lobby operators. Users in green are lobby guides. Users in black are normal users. Lobby operators have the power to kick and ban mischieveous users. Lobby guides may be able to help other users with various issues. Users with their names in italics have marked themselves as being away. Users with their names in bold are currently connected to a game server. You can hover the mouse cursor over top of a user's name in the list to find out if they are playing on a server, and if so, where.

Below the user list, there is a button marked "away". Use this button to mark and unmark yourself as being away from the computer.

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