Server Settings

Server Settings is where you are able to start a Blocktrix server of your own for others to connect to. To get to the Server Settings, click on the Net Settings button at the bottom of the program, then clicking on the Server Settings button, as seen here:

Once you have clicked on that button, you should see a list of options that look similar to the following:

Starting at the top left, the first option lets you set the nickname to identify yourself as (the server admin).

Below that is
Classic Style Multiplayer Rules, which allows you to enable and disable the addition of lines to opponents when someone clears multiple lines (ie. clearing 2 lines results in 1 line added to all, clearing 3 lines results in 2 lines added to all, and 4 lines results in 4 lines added to all). If this option is not checked, then lines will not be added to opponents upon completion of multiple lines.

Below that is
Starting Level. This tells the game how fast the pieces fall downwards on each of the players fields. The higher the level, the quicker the blocks descend.

Next is
Lines to Make Before Level Increase. This setting controls how many lines are required to be cleared by a player before their game level increases.

Number of Levels to Increase Each Time is the following setting. It determines how many levels the player increases after clearing the specified lines, set in the previous setting.

All Have Players' Averaged Levels setting determines whether or not the pieces should descend relative to the level of the player, or relative to the level of all the active players' levels.

Lines to Make for Special Block determines how many lines a player must clear before new special blocks are placed randomly on their field.

Number of Special Blocks Added Each Time specifies how many specials are to be added to a player's field after completion of the number of lines in the previous setting.

Capacity of Special Block Inventory determines how many specials a user may hold in their arsenal at one time. If a user clears lines with specials in them while already having the maximum specials defined here already in their inventory, those specials will be disregarded and not added to the inventory. The maximum size of the inventory allowed is 18.

Stack Height at Start settings determine how many lines of randomly spaced blocks are added to the specified player's field at the very beginning of the game.

Minutes Before Lines Start Being Added sets the number of minutes a game is to be played before lines start being added to all players automatically to facilitate the ending of a game.

Seconds Between Lines Being Added setting determines the number of seconds to pass before adding lines to all players after the initial time from the previous setting has elapsed.

Milliseconds Between Pieces determines how many milliseconds each player must wait for successive blocks after having placed a piece.

Max. PPM For Bots setting specifies the maximum speed, measured as pieces per minute, that the bot algorithm, if checked in the Partyline, is able to go for all players.

All Players Have Same Pieces option determines whether or not all players get the same pieces to arrange.

Server Playing check box lets you play on your own server, or sit out if you so choose. If you check this box while someone is currently in position 1 on your server already, that person will be booted off to make room for you.

In the
IP Mask Ban List you can specify hosts and ips to ban. One entry per line. Wildcards are allowed. (example1: example2: example3: * example4: 66.66.*.*)

Block Occurancy button will bring up a list of block settings, as seen below, that allow you to set the probabilities of the piece and special distribution occurancies.

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