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 What is Blocktrix?

Blocktrix is a free, fun multi-player puzzle game, playable over the internet.
It is based on TNet, and can have up to
6 players playing a single game at one time. Navigate through the site to find
out more information about the game.


thumbup Blocktrix->Announcements: Blocktrix 1.0.0 Released
Written by strikelight on 06/26/2013

Finally, the day has come! Blocktrix 1.00 has been released!

What's that? No beta next to that 1? Wow... The first non-beta release of Blocktrix... (Let's wait and see how bad I messed this up -- jynx)

So yes, after many many many years, here is version 1.00. It's been a long and arduous journey, so let me just thank everyone for their patience, and let me especially thank all my alpha testers out there for their help and support throughout the years. Let me also thank all those that contributed in any other way, you all know who you are (Hint: See the blocktrix.txt file or the help file that comes with blocktrix).

With that bit of drama out of the way, here are the changes between 1.00 and 0.99beta:

- Fixed access violation in lobby code
- Fixed possible endless loop during server operation?
- Added proper initial directories to start from in the Theme and Language Dialogs
- Fixed issue with far left/right drop (Reported By Teemu)
- Code cleanups
- Updated Tcl/Tk engine to 8.5.5
- Fixed violation error when theme file entry has been removed (Reported by JumbledMind)
- Modified theme image

I hope you all enjoy... For me, it's time for a long, well deserved break from coding blocktrix, barring any major problems. Have fun, boys and girls!


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News Blocktrix->Announcements: Blocktrix 0.99 Released
Written by strikelight on 09/02/2008

 Ok boys and girls, we're nearing in on the finish line.  After many years of work and effort put into Blocktrix, it's getting close to being the time where I let it out there as non-beta software... Not yet, but very soon... I know I haven't completed everything that I had wanted, but I doubt any project ever does as it grows... Things evolve, and as such, new ideas are born and born and born...  So instead of prolonging the inevitible (much longer), and also due to a lack of interest in the community as there once was, by both the public and myself I must admit, I've increased the version from 0.73 alllllll the way up to 0.99.... The next release *should* be the final, pending any serious bugs, naturally.

 So, here is the list of changes between 0.99 and 0.73... Not as many as you would imagine with such a large version jump, but here they are none the less:

- Added 'clearfields' Tcl command that mimicks /clearfields
 partyline command (Requested by psy-fi)
- Added some fail-safes to query.tcl (Reported by psy-fi)
- Reverted timer system due to bug on some systems (Reported by scooter)
- Added setting to use default graphics for Blocktrix Specials under theme settings
- Changed default theme graphics
- Fixed missing column bug on certain systems by working with client area size instead of form size (Reported by Starla/erp-matic)
- Updated bass.dll to v2.4.1.1
- Updated Tcl/Tk engine to 8.5.4
- Updated help file for small additions

Enjoy, enjoy!

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News Blocktrix->Announcements: Blocktrix 0.73 Beta Released
Written by strikelight on 04/29/2008

Blocktrix 0.73 Beta has been released, and is available for download in the download area.

Changes between 0.73 and 0.72 are as follows:
- Fixed bug with $lastgamestats and special character nicknames (Found by oliv)
- Fixed bug with enhanced tnet option 'rotatepreview'
- Modified Zebra attack's behaviour to randomly select whether to start in column 1 or
 column 2 (Suggested by Teemu)
- Included MSVCR71.dll in release
- Fixed playback of some recordings created on TSpec/aTwin (Reported by Teemu)
- Enlarged cutoff length of incoming partyline chat to match that of being sent
 by BTrix - 512 chars (Reported by Teemu)
- Fixed bell sounds when starting Blocktrix (Reported by can_of_olives)
- Updated Tcl/Tk engine to 8.5.2
- Force threadlocale of English if locale is set to Japanese
- Fixed game controls functioning when game talk area is visible with
 extended key sensitivity set to advanced (Reported by oliv)
- Fixed bug with stats not reporting for team games where teams are not
 all matched case correctly (found by foO/Corrosive)
- Added /clearfields command for TSpec mode (due to bug on tetridome.com)
- Fixed(?) bug with slower falling pieces on some systems (Reported by Teemu)
- Fixed(?) client freezing on socket errors (Reported by Teemu/Psychotic_Gal)


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